Some people asked me, if it’s possible to migrate the framework to MS SQL Server.

The framework is based on the trunc-function in DB2 & Oracle and the existance of a dual-table in Oracle and the sysibm.sysdummy1 table in DB2. It’s possible to substitute the trunc-function with a combination of the dateadd & datediff function. Read my previous post for more information.

And do you need an equivalent for the Dual-table in MS SQL Server? The good news is…, there is no need of Dual table in SQL Server at all.

And now the good news. Below you can download a the Ultimate Generic Date/Time framework for MS SQL Server universe from my public dropbox <<DateTimeDimensionMSsqlTemplate.unv>>

But before you start to implement the framework in your own universe, just take a little bit of time to study the embedded Powerpoint below (Tip: you can maximize the window by clicking in the lower-right corner of the slideshare presentation.)