Hi Folks! I just released some YouTube video’s showing  the user experience when using a universe with the ‘Ultimate Generic Date/Time framework’ implemented.

Just visit my Youtube- Channel to see the framework in action.

In the YouTube video ‘Super User Defined and Ad hoc LOV’ Example of the Ultimate Generic DateTime Framework, I show you a filter-example combining a user defined input of a begin- and end-period in combination with the ad hoc List-of-Values with predefined date-periods.
The end-user has the possibility  to select from a LOV with predefined periods (date-ranges) or to fill in his own begin- and end-date.

This is extremely user friendly. The end-user only has to make one report, then he can use it on-demand using user-defined periods or use the same report and schedule it for a specific time-interval like previous year, previous month, previous week, … .

I’ll soon reengineer all my previous published frameworks (Oracle, DB2 and MS SQL Server)  with this new super-filter. I’m also working on a MS-Access and Sybase version of the framework. please keep following my blog, and invite your BO-friends.