Hi BO designers,
In my previous Blog I released a video showing the possibility to use a ‘Super Date/Time Filter’ in your own universe. Some small adjustments and supplementary filters (objects) are needed in the framework to implement this new feature into your own universe.

This adjusted framework 1.5 is now available for MS SQL Server from my dropbox.

But I also released some new video’s explaining step by step, on how to implement this Generic Date/Time Framework into your own universe.

The first video is a step by step tutorial to implement the basic functionalities of the framework into a target universe (you only need 2 minutes, to implement it!).

The video show you the target universe ‘BOE4_Audit tables’ with only one table (to keep it simple) with the recorded BO Events of a BO 4.0 environment. Every BO-event is recorded with a ‘Start Time’ – timestamp. We will use this field as an example to setup the filters and to show you the possibilities of this framework.

After the implementation of this basic functions, you can already experiment with some basic functions, you don’t even need to implement some filters. The end-user can start immediately.

Ok, you probably want to create some customized ‘basic’-filters on the ‘Start Time’-object. Then you only need some 3 extra minutes, to implement these features.

Watch the video below,  on how to implement those basic filters.

Save the adjusted universe and click the link below to see those new features at work.

And now the bonus,… adjust your universe with this super-filter-prompt. Study the step by step video below, to learn how to setup this feature.

Ok, and finally you want to see this in action.

And this is done in only, let’s say 10 minutes?

Have fun, and go for it in your own organization, and have a super return-on-investment! May be you can ask your boss for a bonus?