In one of my previous posts I promised to release a Date/Time Framework for Sybase (Adaptive Server Enterprise) and yesterday I suggested a solution for the parse-error.  I’m glad to announce the release of the Sybase universe and the adjustment of the other universes with the dummy table to eliminate the parse-error.

  • Sybase 15.x (Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.x) (free download from my dropbox)
  • Oracle 10g or higher  (free download from my dropbox)
  • DB2 v9 or higher  (free download from my dropbox)
  • MS-Access (free download from my dropbox)
  • MS SQL 2008 or higer  (free download from my dropbox)

Check my previous posts on how to implement the framework in your own universe. Or view the video’s published on my YouTube channel.

You can follow the same procedure, of course you need an extra copy of the dummy-table.

In short, the implementation procedure can be summarized into  three easy steps:

  1. Copy all the tables from the above template universe into your target universe.
  2. Copy all the classes from the above template universe into your target universe.
  3. Create a customized LOV for the (hidden) field ‘GenericDateDimension’ in the class Generic Timestamp Dimension (+ check the option export with universe)


There is a small exception for DB2, but please read the implementation instructions in the description of the  ‘GenericDateDimension’ field for more info.

The next challenge is the release of the framework for BO BI 4.x. in other words a .unx version. A few extra lonely evenings will be needed :-).